LTE Advanced is a mobile interaction criterion and a major improvement of the Long-term Advancement (LTE) requirement. It was officially sent as a candidate 4G system to ITU-T in late 2009 as fulfilling the demands of the IMT-Advanced standard, as well as was standardized by the Third Generation Partnership Job (3GPP) in March 2011 as 3GPP Launch 10.

2014, paving the way for a larger business deployment of the VoLTE modern technology worldwide. From 2014 onwards numerous additional operators showed the innovation as well as trialled for future implementation on their particular LTE networks. These are not covered below. Rather an insurance coverage of industrial deployments can be located in the section below.

The higher number of cells in HetNet causes customer tools transforming the offering cell much more regularly when moving. The recurring deal with LTE-Advanced [11] in Launch 12, among other areas, focuses on resolving concerns that happen when users move via HetNet, such as frequent hand-overs between cells.