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Kenwood History

Kenwood has actually gone through some name modifications in the past 60 years. At one time it was called the Lafayette Radio Company, with a focus on people’ band radio.

An importer of Japanese-made electronic devices RadioShack and also a multilingual Japanese-speaking supervisor from there, William Kasuga partnered with George Aratani and Yoichi Nakase to develop a firm that would certainly be an importer for their people’ band radio products.

The name Kenwood created by Kasuga as being the combination of “Ken”, which was likewise a name typical in Japan during that time as well as undoubtedly the name Ken in The U.S.A. is very acquainted. The “timber” in Kenwood has several various explanations and also some say the timber was made use of to evoke the sensation of something considerable and also strong. Others like Wikipedia claim it might reference “Hollywood” but we have not discovered other recommendation to this.


Kenwood Historical Facts

  • The first chairman of Kenwood was one of the company was George Aratani and he was done well by Kasuga.
  • Kenwood merged with JVC in 2008 as JVC Kenwood.
  • Kenwood presented its Sovereign line of components in 2001.

Some Kenwood Products are:

  • Amateur radio transceivers
  • Kenwood has actually supplied lines of HF, VHF/UHF, and portable amateur radio versions
  • Built-in electronic data modes
  • The ‘TS’ series of HF transceivers covers the high frequency bands, from 1.8 to 30 MHz.

Kenwood Transceivers

Kenwood HF transceivers and Kenwood automated antenna tuners are among their most prominent products. Various other Kenwood products consist of the 100, 500, and also the 2000 series. Kenwood likewise supplies a “B” version, which is a transceiver without display screen or controls and is totally regulated by a separate control or a remote computer system system.

Radios with integrated digital information settings and also modems.

Kenwood Product Categories

  • Portable Radio Products
  • Mobile Radio Products
  • Repeaters
  • Accessories